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Angel number 1221 meaning and symbolism [full guide]

If you’re seeing angel number 1221 everywhere it may not be a coincidence!  It can be a sign from your angels and the universe that are guiding you. You need to pay attention to the clues and messages provided by the universe.

What are angel numbers?

Angel numbers are a series of repeating numbers, like the number 1221. These numbers can show up at the most random places:

  • on the license plate of a vehicle,
  • on a digital alarm clock
  • on a freeway sign
  • on an incoming call
  • on a note that you found laying around
  • in a dream
  • etc.

The universe is trying to get your attention by any means necessary! When you see repeated numbers like 1221, you should know your prayers have been heard. You’re moving in the right direction.  Let’s look at the meaning of angel number 1221.

The meaning behind 1221

Angel number 1221 is considered a sign that you should focus on expressing and maintaining feelings of gratitude throughout the day. It’s a gentle reminder of the phenomenon that feelings of gratitude will invite more experiences in your life to be grateful for. If you struggle to maintain gratitude throughout the day, keep reading and I’ll share with you my favorite resource to effortlessly experience feelings of gratitude all day long.

Expressing feelings of gratitude throughout the day isn’t about constantly trying to force yourself to be grateful for everything. Instead, it’s about stepping away from negative thoughts and emotions that keep you in a negative mindset. Once you step away from negative thoughts and emotions you’ll notice that your natural state will be that of gratitude and happiness.

Taking a few minutes a day to consciously be grateful for the things that you have is a great tool but it’s not the only thing did you can do. The trick here is to maintain a feeling of gratitude all throughout the day.

The only way you can be grateful throughout the day is when you’re conscious and present. Because, if you could consciously choose what emotion to feel at any given moment, would you feel miserable or grateful and happy?

Naturally, you would choose to be ecstatic, blissful, happy, and grateful. The thing is you actually do have the choice to feel the way you want to feel at any moment in time. The only thing that you need to take charge of your life and feel grateful and happy all the time is a daily spiritual practice.

A daily spiritual practice will allow you to become more conscious and present and connect with your true self. Once you’re conscious and connected you’ll automatically choose what’s best for you and everyone else. My all-time favorite spiritual practice is the one taught in the Living from a place of surrender online training by Michael singer:

Living from a place of surrender image

The training teaches you an insanely simple technique to transcend your thoughts and emotions and once again become the master of your inner state. After the training, my life changed dramatically for the better and it has done miraculous things for the people I’ve recommended it to.

But going back to angel number 1221, once you see this number you can take it as a sign that it’s time to take charge of your emotions. Don’t just passively wait for things to happen just so you can feel grateful. Instead, take matters into your own hands and choose to feel beautiful emotions such as gratitude and joy all the time. You’ll soon see that your new positive state will attract even more beautiful things in your life and you’ll be caught up in a positive spiral upward. It’s time to manifest the life that you want!

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