number 666

Angel number 666 meaning and symbolism [full guide]

If you’re seeing the number 666 everywhere, you’re not losing it, and it may not be a coincidence!  You can take this as a literal sign. Your angels and the universe are guiding you. You need to pay attention to the clues and messages provided by the universe.

What are angel numbers?

Angel numbers are a series of repeating numbers, like 666, that show up everywhere. For example:

  • on a license plate,
  • a sign down the road,
  • on the screen of your phone,
  • the price on a receipt,
  • the size of a file you’ve just downloaded,
  • in your e-mail inbox,
  • etc.

The universe is trying to get your attention by any means necessary! When you see repeated numbers like 666, you should know your prayers have been heard. You’re moving in the right direction.  Let’s look at the meaning of angel number 666.

The meaning behind 666

Thanks to Hollywood and pop culture the number 666 is associated with bad luck, the devil, and anything that’s evil. There are tons of stories and spooky tales about the number 666. But do not be afraid… This guide will show you why the number 666 is one of the most misunderstood numbers and why it has nothing to do with the devil.

The message behind 666 is that you should become conscious of your internal state as soon as possible. Negative thought patterns and emotional states such as worry, anxiety, and fear in relation to money, work, or relationships should be completely removed from your life. These thoughts and emotional states give off a unique energy signature that attracts more of the same.

In our daily life, it is often the case that we run into situations that can stir up negative emotions. For example, when driving to work a car in front of you cuts you off, putting you and everyone else on the road in danger. One of the first things our reptile brain will do is go into “fight or flight”. In other words, your whole body is sent into a state of anger and resentment or anxiety and stress. When you’re in this state it’s very hard to stay positive and think happy thoughts. You’re most likely running all kinds of nasty scenario’s in your head, on how you would bring this driver to justice. However, these thoughts and emotional states send out an energy signature into the universe. Negativity will only breed more negativity. Therefore it’s absolutely crucial to let go of the negative internal state before your reptile brain takes over.

positivity banner

The angels are telling you that you should send out positivity into the universe. Now understandably it’s very hard to force yourself to think positive thoughts all the time. If you’re forcing the mind you’re fighting an uphill battle. The best way to be in a positive vibration without effort is by committing to a spiritual practice and becoming mindful. Once you are completely conscious and present you’re aligned with your higher self and will naturally be in a state of bliss. The energy that permeates you and gets sent out into the universe is beautiful. What’s more, as a result, you’ll experience even more beautiful things, as positivity attracts positivity. It’s like a positivity loop instead of a downward spiral.

When we become mindful, we naturally let go of ego, fear, and hatred. The result is that we live the highest truth which is love, bliss, and enlightenment. It is time to access the universal flow of energy and stop putting a barrier around ourselves. Becoming one with the universe is the end of any and all obstacles and suffering.

Message 666 is telling you to become mindful and align yourself with the universe. It’s a message to change your energy signature to be beautiful!  Similar to a wonderful scent that attracts sweet honey bees, a wonderful energy signature send out into the universe will attract sweet and beautiful experiences.

The Universe is always supporting you, all you need to do is become more open and mindful! Trust your intuition, open your heart, and get ready to receive miracles and all the wonderful things life has to offer. The universe is yours!