What does a guardian angel do?

what does a guardian angel do for you

Christian tradition believes in something called a guardian Angel. The guardian Angel is a force that protects and guides you through life to make sure you live your best life.

This guide will share with you everything a guardian Angel does according to Christian tradition.

5 things a guardian angel does

  • Number #1: making miracles happen: The story of Peter in act 12, where an Angel helps break the apostle out of prison, illustrates that guardian angels are here to help you in miraculous ways when you most need them. It is not that you are supposed to rely on these miracles, but they happen when there is simply a necessity for them.
  • Number #2: messenger to god: Christian tradition believes guardian angels can act as messengers to God. The guardian Angel will bring your requests and desires to heaven.
  • Number #3: protect us from demons and harm: According to Saint Thomas Aquinas an important role of a guardian Angel is to protect us from demons and physical harm. As plalm 91:11-12 goes: “For he commands his angels with regard to you, to guard you wherever you go. With their hands they shall support you, lest you strike your foot against a stone.”
  • Number #4: give us courage: Having a guardian Angel is also supposed to embolden you and give you the confidence to get what you want out of life. With the knowledge that there is a force protecting you and guiding you towards greatness, you should feel free to take risks and not be afraid to fail. If something happens in life that can be considered “negative”, it is simply a lesson to be learned. As saint Bernard puts it: ““Why should we fear under such guardians? Those who keep us in all our ways can neither be overcome nor be deceived, much less deceive. They are faithful; they are prudent; they are powerful; why do we tremble?”
  • Number #5: remind us of the value of every being: According to Christian tradition a guardian Angel is also a living reminder that every living being has immense value. Since every being has a guardian Angel, by extension this also means every being has enormous value and potential. If you respect and admire your guardian Angel, then you should also respect and admire every being that a guardian Angel protects.

As you can see a guardian Angel does a lot of things. So the answer to the question what does a guardian Angel do can be summarized as follows: “A guardian angel protects and guide you through life to make sure your very essence blossoms in this universe”.

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