Why Do I Keep Seeing Angel Numbers?

why do i keep seeing angel numbers

We’ve summarized a bunch of different answers to the question: “Why do I keep seeing angel numbers? ”

By the end of this article, you’ll know why angel numbers seem to pup up in your daily life. We’re going to look at both skeptics as well as proponents of angel numbers.

What other people are saying about angel numbers

Megan Michaela Firester

“Angels speak to us in synchronistic ways, which basically means that we will see something over and over again, so much so that it goes beyond mere coincidence,” Where angel numbers come in, says Michaela, is with the prevalence of how often the number shows up. They serve as a thumbs up, of sorts, to continue along the path you’re currently on. “Seeing a repeating number is like your angel pointing to you and making you feel seen and heard. They are trying to get your attention, and the numbers they send have meanings. Think of it like a little marker saying that you are on the right direction in life, like a highway sign.” Source: https://www.wellandgood.com/what-are-angel-numbers

Katherine Hurst

Number sequences can convey important messages. Often called angel numbers, these commonly repeating patterns have a documented meaning. Once you understand how to interpret angel numbers you can unlock vital information about your goals, your needs, and your overriding life purpose.

You’re probably familiar with the idea of angels communicating messages to people. However, what you may not know is that these messages are seldom direct. Rather, angelic guidance tends to come in more cryptic forms. In this way, angel numbers are the most commonly seen mode of communication. Source: https://www.thelawofattraction.com/angel-number-guide/

Marina Delio

Consider it as the universe trying to communicate with you. As you may know, and we’ve discussed with respect to Chakras, Crystals, the Moon, and more,  everything is energy, and that is just a fact of physics.

According to numerology, the study of numbers and their meanings, angel numbers are like a coded message for you. All angel numbers have unique sacred meanings. So, the number you are seeing also holds a specific message, and you have to work out what it means.

If you pay attention to these repeating angel numbers and try to understand their cryptic message, you stand to benefit a great deal. Source: https://www.yummymummykitchen.com/2021/10/angel-numbers.html

Daniel Poissant

If you buy a new car you may notice that you suddenly see that model everywhere simply because you pay more attention to it because now it is meaningful to you.

Angel numbers are sequences of three identical figures. We’re bombarded by numbers throughout the day: license plates, street addresses, posted phone numbers on billboards and on TV. But before you were told about angel numbers you didn’t really pay attention to them but now you are seeking angel numbers in that mass of numbers and not paying attention to those that don’t have an angel number in it. Source: https://www.quora.com/Are-angel-numbers-real

Tanya Carrol Richardson

As a psychic medium, I believe that we all have guardian angels who help us make the most of our earthly journey by sending us signs—one common one being repeating numbers.

Angel numbers usually appear in groups of three and might pop up on a license plate, in a phone number, on a bill, or on a billboard. They could also appear as “split” numbers, like 3303. Source: https://www.mindbodygreen.com/articles/angel-number-sequences-and-what-they-mean-for-you

Jaliessa Sipress

Whenever you spot an angel number at a crucial moment in time (like while asking an important question, freaking out about something, or asking for a sign), you can be sure an angel just dropped you a wink and a kiss. You can see numbers anywhere—on a license plate, house number, even the receipt for your morning iced coffee.

Angel numbers are a sign from the divine (whatever you call it—God, a source, your higher self, the universe, etc.) that you’re on the right track. They’re a cosmic nudge affirming that whatever is occurring in your life is meant to be and you’re close to a new beginning.

To get back to you and this cutie from the party, 111 on a license plate is a sign that you’re on the right track in being vulnerable and showing up for love. It’s like the universe is nudging you to keep going and telling you that you’re supported. Source: https://www.cosmopolitan.com/lifestyle/a37079416/angel-numbers-numerology/

Daria Burnett

You can see angel numbers in all forms and shapes: an unexpected phone call or email, or in the lyrics of a song you hear on the street. We are guided on our true path by angels every day, but rarely do we get the chance to communicate with them. Think about it. It could be a bit frightening to look up and see an angel standing in front of you. That’s why spiritual guides need another way to communicate with us, and numbers are ideal for this purpose. They often appear in moments of doubt, or when you are confused as to what will happen next, and what choices you should make. Source: https://www.psychnewsdaily.com/angel-numbers-what-spirit-numbers-mean/

Brianne Hogan

In numerology, a sequential repetition of numbers is referred to as angel numbers and operates under the idea that each number is connected to a vibrational frequency because everything is energy. Because every number has its own vibrational frequency, it carries messages that we can interpret from the universe, divine, angels, God or spirit or whoever you speak to in your spiritual practice. Source: https://hellogiggles.com/lifestyle/astrology/what-are-angel-numbers/

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