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What are angel numbers

What exactly are Angel numbers? Simply put Angel numbers are sequences of repeating numbers that people see in their daily life. For example, you might be driving to work and on a license plate, you see a specific sequence of numbers: 555, 444, 333, or something else. Many believe these repeating numbers to be signs from guardian angels. Angelic guidance in the form of a divine message. It is believed these angels send you powerful messages at the appropriate time in your life. Sometimes as a reminder, sometimes as an intense wake-up call.

Every Angel number has a specific meaning attached to it. This site will offer guidance on everything you need to know about angel numbers.

However, as virtually all the guides will tell you, the most important thing is that you grow spiritually. Seeing angel numbers doesn’t mean anything if you don’t become more conscious and open to life. Only then will you reap the benefits. So the guides on this site will also serve as a reminder that you need to focus on your internal state of being.

What is your angel number?

So you might be wondering “what exactly is my Angel number”.

This isn’t something that you can read on a blog post. An Angel number is something that pops up in your daily life and if you’re conscious enough you’ll find that specific sequences of numbers present themselves to you all the time. To find out what your Angel number is two conditions need to be met.

First, you need to be conscious enough to actually perceive these repeating numbers.

Second, there actually needs to be a message for you at this time in your life.

An Angel number is quite personal and therefore you won’t be able to find your Angel number without being conscious enough on your journey. Focus your energy on mindfulness.

The best step to become more conscious and mindful is by incorporating a spiritual practice into your daily routine. Read some of our guides to learn more about specific spiritual practices.

What to do when you’re seeing angel numbers all the time

if you see these repeating numbers pop up in your daily life it is time to take action. In Angel number in and of itself means nothing if you don’t actually take action. An Angel number can be a sign that amazing things are on the horizon for you but these amazing opportunities will only manifest themselves if you’re on the spiritual path.

You need to become the ultimate version of yourself and let go of destructive thoughts habits and emotions.

Once you do that you’ll find that life becomes incredibly enjoyable and amazing. And funny enough you won’t need any more Angel numbers or spiritual guidance when you arrive at this state on your life path. You’ll automatically make the best decisions possible and everything you need will happen effortlessly. Positive energy will surround your life, relationships, and career. Innate powers will be released. 

A reminder to look within

Let me share with you a story…

There once was a beggar who sat outside in the rain and dirt every day pleading for pennies from people passing by. Every now and then someone would offer him some food or a few pennies and this is how he made a living.

The beggar naturally felt that his situation was unjust. Why was he doomed to sit on this particular spot outside in the cold begging for scraps while others were living the good life? The beggar was completely occupied with these feelings of resentment and jealousy.

The morning after he died, locals decided to dig up the spot where the beggar used to sit to place a wooden cross there. To their surprise, on that exact spot, they found a huge pot of gold. The beggar lived his entire life in poverty and bitterness without realizing riches were right there under his feet for the taking. This is Tolstoy’s fabled beggar and the tail accurately describes the human condition.

We’re all so occupied with our, oftentimes negative, thoughts and emotions that we don’t realize happiness, health and wealth are within arms reach. All we need to do is grow spiritually.

Now angel numbers can be a sign to show us the way but they aren’t the end goal. The goal is to grow consciously and become a self-nurturing and loving being. That means you’re nurtured by yourself and don’t look for happiness outside. It means you become a blissful being that rides the waves of life effortlessly.

angel numbers meaning

According to legend, every angel number has a different meaning: